The Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for SEO

Before starting with the themes and plugins, I want to say that, whenever the project is not very large, I value the option of dispensing WordPress and opting for some landings in HTML, with a bit of PHP and CSS. That’s a quick loading time worth of talking!

Regarding themes and plugins, I use many. At the end of the day, it always depends a little on the project you are working on and the needs of it. But if I can choose, these are the ones I like to use.


Writer: This is a super simple theme with very few files, which makes it ideal to be able to start from scratch and modify it to your liking while maintaining a very light and surprisingly fast loading base. It is very useful for automatic websites.

Dulcet: Is another very simple theme that I love to use in some projects. It is not as simple as Writer so it can be customized a little more and give it a little more “life” without really overloading it.

PinkSEO Theme: it is the theme that I created for my Training Rosa course, I am using this theme in my blog (among other sites) and it is designed to be able to make a site a bit more “colorful” but without losing focus on the simplicity of a theme and especially the lightness of it. It also has obfuscation links implemented as standard to avoid loss of juice in repeated links, footer, and so on. In the end, it is a theme that saves me a lot of time when I want to make a website more or less fast.


Table of contents plus: this plugin seems to me “ a must-have” in WordPress – since it can generate tables of contents automatically from our H tags, which will make it easier for us to see links to these “sections” of our articles in the meta description of the SERPS.

SEO By Yoast: if you use WordPress you need a plugin like Yoast to be able to customize the meta title and meta description, in addition to being able to also manage the meta robots non-index tags of the areas that you are not interested in being indexed on your website. I put yoast as an example but there are other plugins that we could also use if we don’t like Yoast, the important thing is to have one.

WP Rocket: it is always good to use a cache system to speed up WordPress loading, I like WP Rocket a lot, but there are also other very powerful and free cache plugins. The good thing about WP Rocket is that it also has options for minifying and unifying CSS and Javascript files, which saves you having to install another plugin.

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