The Best Tips to Find the Perfect Prize for an SEO Budget. Part 2

Hi, everyone. I have returned to continue where we left in my article about budgeting. But before start our SEO project. Let´s talk about some aspects that you should also take into account.

Other non-mandatory concepts:

One of the questions that I always ask the owners who ask me for an SEO Budget is how fast they are, or how long they want to position. If they tell you in 3-4 months, then you can tell them to hire AdWords because you can’t help them. It is a way to gauge the need and understanding of the owners about SEO.

Another question I ask or like to know is if they have an in-house development department or is it external. It is not an inconvenience one thing or the other. But you have to be very careful, to not disturbing anyone, and without anyone seeing you as a threat, but as a help. Here it is important that the employer supports you and has all the support of them. This is because they will see you as a trustworthy person of the owners, and we already know what it means.

I like to know also if they have already done an SEO campaign before with another company. I don’t like to ask for the name of the previous company. If I see that the work is not well done, I tend to soften it, since I do not want to put in trouble any companion or friend company. But at the end of the day, they pay me to discover errors and solve them. I don’t put my finger on the sore, but I’m objective. If the work is well done I say it without a doubt.

It would also be very interesting to know the budget they have for work that needs to be done during SEO work, such as buying links, buying or developing content, programming modifications … This will mark the course of the project a bit.

With all this, we could already prepare a budget, but now we are going to set it up.

SEO Audit

We have to know that the first thing to budget is an audit of the project. How is an audit performed? If you do not know, maybe this is not in the most appropriate post. However, I leave here a link with a video for you to know how to do it.

This will take us some hours, which we have to multiply by the price at which we charge the hour.

There are many people that the strategy includes in the project, along with content modification. Others take it out of it, for commercial reasons or not, so that the audit is a cheaper cost. Both solutions are good.

I will like to keep talking about this, but that will be for another day.

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