Linkbuilding Basics that every SEO should know

This is basic but important stuff

Linkbuilding is, in a nutshell, the strategy by which you get certain relevant sites on the internet to link to a part of our website. But it is an unknown world for many who are not familiar with the world of SEO, even for some people related to digital marketing. Therefore, we will explain some concepts necessary to understand what linkbuilding is and what factors are included in it.

What are the links?

They are hyperlinks that are placed on a page of a website to mention or recommend another website. The user who is reading the first website can click on that link and a new web page will open, (in the same window or another window or tab) just the one he wanted to recommend.

The basic syntax of a link is as follows:

<a rel=†relation† href=†destinyurl•> Anchor text </a>

For example, if somewhere in the text I want to link another website, for example to Wikipedia, it would be as follows:

<a href=†>> Hyperlink Wikipedia </a>

Links have the following sensitive factors:

Link Ratio:

Follow: these are links that are followed by search engines. The link also transfers Link Juice (or link pop or Page Rank) to the landing page. This tag is put on it anywhere in the first <a, such as: <a rel = “dofollow” Href = “”> Test link </a>. Usually not placed as default do-follow.

Nofollow: it is used when we do not want Google or any robot to follow that link. Therefore, Link Juice does not pass (or linkpop or Page Rank [or at least initially]. This does not mean that they are not necessary. The syntax is rel = “nofollow”.

Author: Although it is deprecated it is used to define the author of the text to which it is linked and is also owned by the origin of the link.

Prev, next. They are used in page links. In this case, “Next” goes on the link to the next page and “prev” for the previous page. It has nothing to do with the next and the prev that is placed in the head.

Others: start, firet laet, up …

There are mucho other concepts about Linkbuilding, but those will be explored in the next entries. I hope you enjoyed this info. Have a nice day!

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