Tips to find the perfect prize for an SEO budget

Hi everyone, my name is Jesse Peck and I would like to introduce you to the SEO world, this is a fast-growing profession that promises to keep being relevant in the near future. With that in mind, today we┬┤re are going to talk about how to create an SEO Budget.

Factors to consider in an SEO Budget

For the elaboration of an SEO budget, you must take into account several details that, a priori, escape from our hands. If you have already done one and made a mistake, do not worry, it is normal. It has happened to all of us on certain occasions.

The truth is you have to find the perfect balance between price and service. If we budget over the service we are going to provide, we will be out of the market and we will not keep the contract. If budgets underneath, two things can happen: that they don’t trust you because you go cheaper from the industries average, or that they hire you for the project and lose money.

But I insist, this has happened to all of us on occasion or another, especially at the beginning. That is why I have decided to make a post like this one: so we all go prepared and be professionals to work and to compete.

What do I need to prepare an SEO budget?

Domain name

The first thing we need is the domain we are going to work on. Without the domain of the website, we cannot prepare a budget. With the Domain we can know how the web is currently doing, the niche in which it operates, the competition it has, the work that needs to be done, the quality and quantity of links needed, if a penalty has to be lifted and much more.

If the project is not yet designed and has no domain, we will have to know – at least- the sector where operates, to evaluate the competition.

Project Objectives

The objectives will be very important, as they will mark the final goal -or all of them- and it will be our job to establish the strategy to reach that goal. Therefore, we must have the objective the company has been marked to establish the necessary number of hours or the resources we must contribute. It is recommended they be based on the SMART Technique (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Temporary).

Indexable URLs and indexed URLs

When we talk about indexed URLs are the URLs that are currently on Google. While indexable are the ones we want to be indexed. Usually, we encounter certain problems, either because there are more indexed than indexable or, on the contrary. The number of URLs will mark the number of hours of work. Since its not the same to work the SEO of a website with 150,000 URLs than one with 2000.

This will be all for today. Tomorrow, we will talk about how to put your SEO project in motion.

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