Benefits of SEO

  1. SEO is practical. You do not have to spend a lot of money for this. You will only spend once for the over-all set up. There is no need to pay for Ads and unlike PPC which would generate a cost every time a customer clicks and visits a page. The average cost per click is $2.32 across all industries so imagine how much it will cost if you already have 100 customers and even more.
  2. It gives the business a head start versus other competition. During these times where all businesses are technologically inclined and marketing is really going hard on websites, applications and social media and since most people spend more time online, an SEO strategy should be in place to build customer awareness.
  3. SEO increases customer reach. Since we were already talking about customer awareness, once one customer gets the information – he or she will likely try the service (if deem fit to his or her needs) and if he or she is happy with it, that person is most likely to tell a family member or a friend. Information can be shared online with just one click.
  4. SEO targets quality traffic. SEO targets customers based on their interests so it will not be annoying like any other ads. The links are connected strategically and it will not be forced. It will even reach more people who have the same interest as what the business is offering.
  5. SEO increases PR. It just does not only help increase customer reach but targets valuable people who will talk about the business. When you have valuable content, people will come to you and this could be normal people to influencers.

These are just only a few of the benefits of having SEO marketing. Over-all, it provides the company a new approach in this technology-based world – it helps build their brand, manage their marketing cost efficiently and increase customer reach and this will be long term! Like the Glasgow Boiler Installations company who started from old school marketing up to now discovering SEO marketing, there is an opportunity to see a huge change in your company and your growth and eventually be successful like them!

We, SEO Wizzards, have a goal of helping small business understand SEO and how it can help the business. We are uploading relevant information here in our SEO blog for the purpose of reaching more people and more businesses. We are also offering consultations on set ups and other resources so feel free to contact us here in our website to learn more!

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